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April 2012


April 4 - 27, 2012 

Artist - Rachel Cobb

Points of View - Photo Essays
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Wilwynn Animal Hospital


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Points of View
Photo Essays by Rachel Cobb

Rachel Cobb, an international magazine travel/garden photographer, presented her photographic work as visual “essays.” This exhibit represented the last 3 years of her work and 10 different locations. Visitors walked the Great Wall of China, felt the chill of Alaska’s Arctic, the breeze from the windmills of Holland and saw the moon rising over the marshes in Port Norris, NJ. After graduating from Bridgeton High School, Rachel went on to see and photograph the world. New York City was her base for 20 years, but “home” pulled her back to Southern New Jersey. Clients have included National Geographic, Patti LaBelle, Publishing Group of America and currently San Diego’s Botanic Garden, California Garden Magazine, as well as many other print publications and web site clients. Locally, Rachel is the Vice President for the Port Norris Historical Society. Here website is

The show was sponsored by Wilwynn Animal Hospital, 496 Greenwich Road, Bridgeton, N.J. 08302. Dr. Bill McAlonan, owner of Wilwynn Animal Hospital, has been veterinarian to Rachel’s animal pals for over 25 years.


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