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October 2015

Peter Mastro
Hard Edge to Fluid Abstraction
And Wearable Sculpture by Meed Barnett

October 2015
September 30 – October 30, 2015

Opening Reception
Friday, October 2, 2015, 6 – 9 PM
Sponsored by Sue Peterson Mundy
In Memory of Kitty and Chet Peterson


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Creating paintings has always been a combination of self expression, meditation, and visual communication for me. The pieces I create that are most intellectually satisfying for me are those that are designed from scratch as an attempt to communicate or express some concept I have been thinking about. The pieces I create that are the most fun are those that develop through interaction with the work itself as it is taking place. My continual quest is to create pieces that combine these two approaches.

T he paintings on exhibit represent a selection of pieces which have been created over the last twelve years. They span the range from highly geometric, hard edge, three dimensional canvas constructions to highly fluid and amorphous two dimensional canvases. As such, they reflect my continuing evolution and experimentation with the painting media. The primary commonality in the work is that it is all abstract. 

The geometric three dimensional pieces are examples of what I have been referring to as “Quantum Art”. They are part of my “Creation Series” because the series represents a time sequence of reproductive and reflective events that occurred at the birth of the universe in its evolution from a single point to the hyper-spatial structure we observe today. 

On the other end of the spectrum are paintings which I refer to as “Astral”. These are highly fluid abstractions that represent the relationship and feel one gets when looking at the universe as a whole.

In between are a variety of pieces which are both highly geometric experiments in fractal structure and perspective distortion along with fluid abstractions which have a cellular or organic feel to them. 

The bottom line is I just like to paint. In the course of discussing my intent with the viewing public at past exhibits I take great interest in what the viewer sees in my work because it opens my eyes to multiple interpretations of my paintings. My hope is that the viewer can find something within this variety of approaches to abstract art that they find enjoyable to look at.

Peter D. Mastro

Pete Mastro was born in Chicago and received his Art education at the University of Illinois. He currently resides and operates his studio in his home in Climax, North Carolina.

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