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February 2012


February 1 - 24, 2012

Artist - A Show Featuring Artists Within a Family

A Family Gathering

In the Window: The Feinstein Family




South Jersey Eye Associates, P.A.


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Clockwise from Top Left -
"Bridgeton Canoe House" 
Photograph by Arthur Feinstein,

"Davis MIll Island" Photograph by Gloria Feinstein,

"Brother & Sister" Pastel by Sarah Ann Feinstein,

"Dragonfly" Mosaic by Nathaniel Feinstein
"Eagle Mug Shot" Photograph by Sam Feinstein;


Garrison's, Backneck Road Watercolor by John Guidera


Left - "Self-portrait" Plaster by Nathaniel Feinstein,
Right - "East Point Lighthouse, the Painting" Gouache by Anne Feinstein



Clockwise from Top Left -
"My Best Girl" Acrylic on wood by Alicea Neal,
"Checked and Unbalanced" Digital Print by Denise Gray,
"Pre-Dawn" Grand Teton, Wyoming Photograph by Fred Athey,
"Drift Away" Mixed Media by Deirdre McKay Athey,
"Hydrangia" Painting by Deirdre McKay Athey;


Left -"Herd of Horses" Cast Stone by Deborah Waddington Smith
Right - "The Waddington Family Tree"
by Jennifer Waddington VanGeem

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