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January 2 - 25, 2019

Paintings by 
Gayle Lamoreau Irvine

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Friday, January 4, 2019, 6 - 9 PM

Mid Atlantic Shipping & Stevedoring


Window Exhibit
"For (4) Color" Winter Plein Air Competition 

"For (4) Color" Winter Plein Air Competition 
Cumberland County Cultural & Heritage Commission 
and Gallery 50, Inc.


Are you looking for a touch of tranquility after a busy holiday season? 
Gayle Lemoreau Irvine is bringing it to Gallery 50, Inc. in January with her show titled “Meeting the Hard”. Self-taught, but no less skilled, Irvine’s paints enticing images of marshes and ocean as she sees them from her home in Greenwich and her get-away home in Presque Isle, Maine.You can almost hear the water as you admire her paintings. Irvine is also an accomplished knitter and will be adding some hats and socks to her show. 


It is still winter but you wouldn’t know it. This past Saturday Gallery 50, Inc. and the Cumberland County Cultural & Heritage Commission sponsored “For (4) Color” Winter Plein Air Competition. 15 or so artists braved winter or rather coolish conditions to paint outside. The Commission added a bit of a challenge in addition to the weather. Artists were limited to using only 4 colors. Looking at what was turned in, you would never know there were limitation or that it was a bit nippy and windy on Saturday. Awards will be presented on opening night (1st = $400; 2nd = $200; 3rd = $100).


Meet all of the artists from both shows on Opening Night, January 4, 2019, or if you can’t make it then, come see the show from January 2 - 25 on Wednesdays through Saturday from 11 am – 4 pm. The opening is free and welcoming to all.

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