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October 2012


Opening Reception
Friday, Oct. 5, 2012, 6 – 9 PM

Artist - Tina Madonia - Paintings and Print Maker Read more below


Pottery - John D. Marselis



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Paintings - Tina Madonia


Tina Madonia - Painter and Print Maker

What is Mono-Type Process? 
Download the PDF information to learn more.

I fell in love with painting in my early teens taking my first art class. Oil painting had me hooked right from the start. I have always loved the outdoors, the peaceful strolls along a stone path or the sandy beach. When I am out painting, drawing or taking photos it gives me the opportunity to be a part of nature. Listening to all the sounds of nature, allowing me to really observe the colors, seeing how the contrast of the lights and shadows creates depth. My hope is to help transport the viewer a place of tranquility. 

This exhibit has a large variety of landscapes and water scenes in both Oils and Mono-types which is a form of print-making. Creating mono-types has been developed from years of printmaking and experimenting with color resulting in a style truly unique in printmaking. To create mono-type she first paints a picture on a surface of a thin plate which she then transfers to paper using an etching press. All mono-types are one of a kind and they are done with etching ink on Dutch etch paper. Most of these scenes f are from Southern New Jersey to Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania, with a few as far as Nova Scotia. 

Art works by Tina can be found in private collections throughout the United States. She has been accepted in prestigious shows such as the Biennial National Print Show, Bethlehem, PA. 1994, 1996 & 99. The Art of the State 93 Exhibit Harrisburg, PA. Allentown Art Museum 23rd Juried Show, Allentown PA, 1992. Southern Vermont Art Center Juried Selection, Manchester, Vt. 1987 - 1991. 53rd National Art Exhibit, Cooperstown, NY. 1988. National 87, Small Works Exhibit, Cobleskill, NY, 1987. You can also see her work in many East Coast galleries.


I am presently working with both oil and mono-types. I enjoy working in the studio as well as plein air painting. I enjoy painting many subjects but I always come back to the landscape. Which both Pennsylvania and New Jersey have a very diverse landscape. There are rolling hills, open valleys, quaint towns, lakes, rivers, farms, cities and the ocean. 

Our lives have become so busy we rarely stop and smell the roses as they say. Whether looking at a mono-type or oil I hope to help the viewer to escape the everyday stresses and relax, in the moment of the peace. 

The media’s that I have submitted are mono-types; they are images done on plexi-glass with an oil base etching ink. Printed on Dutch etch paper by using an etching press. These images are done in a very painterly fashion. I use color to create the mood of a mono-type. 

My oil paintings are more involved. I started out as an oil painter in my early teens. I hope to capture the essence of the landscape, through the use of color creating a mood. Hoping to make the viewer stop and want to be joined with my painting.  


John Marselis - Pottery

John Marselis began his pottery career in 2003 as an extension of his long time love of creating blown glass vessels. Many of his forms have been inspired by classical Greek,Chinese and Roman amphora shapes.

John uses traditional stoneware clay bodies which are glazed and then high fired in a natural gas reduction kilns.

Many of John's pieces are created using the sectional forming technique allowing him to produce large volume vases and storage containers.

John's work is displayed in many fine Southern New Jersey galleries and gift shops.

Click here to visit John's website.

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