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May 2012


May 2 - 25, 2012

Artists - Wind Whistle Studio of Art
The Artistic Journey

Window Artist - Michael B. Schuelke

Opening Reception / Awards Presented
Friday, May 4, 2012, 6 – 9 PM




Betty-Jo Simas, D.M.D, L.L.C.

Gloria Noto, 
Cumberland County Clerk

Doug Rainear, 
Surrogate FH Carpentry

Holly City Family Center


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Top: Eye’m Watching You 
by Mary Ann Bickings
Bottom Left: Old Glory by Elayne Renner 
Bottom Right: Mirrored Reflections 
by Ellie Sorantino



Top Left: Clark’s Pond Sunrise by Dolores DiJoseph
Bottom Left: An Apple A Day by John Delgado
Right: Sunset at Stowe Creek Landing by Irene Ganter

In 2007, Ellie Sorantino and several "Bay Gals" began a discussion about adding new mediums and methods to their existing watercolor repertoire. "Wind Whistle Studio of Art" was instantly launched with Ellie at the helm. Their successes brought more students and also the need for studio space. Through hard work, beginners and the experienced made great strides in "An Artistic Journey" that has led to this exhibition. Artists showing are: Ellie Sorantino, Barbara Banks, Mary Ann Bickings, Carol Capozzi, Marie Cobb, John Delgado, Dolores DiJoseph, Irene Ganter, Joyce Hobson, Fran Hunckler, Maxine Kelly, Maxine Lewis, Charlotte Myers, Joyce Nichols, Kathy Peterson, Carol Pino, Elayne Renner, Diane Risdon, Joanne Seabrook

Michael B. Schuelke is the pastor Fairfield Presbyterian Church in Fariton, NJ and has been for the past 20 years. He has a degree in Art Education with an interest in printmaking. He lives in an area so beautiful that combined with all of the above, he couldn't help himself - he found an additional muse with digital photograpy. It opened up a new urge to "scratch the creative itch." The results will be our pleasure to share with you in our window show.



.Husted's Landing Photograph by Michael B. Schuelke

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