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January 2012


January 4 - 27, 2012

Artist - College Students & Their Professors

Artists in the Making & Their Mentors

Artist in the Window: The Downing Street Quilters




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"Mid-Spring" Quilted wall hanging by Harriett Weber


Gallery 50, Inc. will be hosted emerging talent AND their professors for the month of January. Our annual colege student show "Artists in the Making" expanded to include those who mentor and those who are mentored in our newly minted exhibition, "Artists in the Making and their Mentors." We are always pleasantly surprised by the student's art equally happy with their mentors art.

"The Downing Street Quilters" filled our window with amazing quilts. If a stitch in time saves nine, these ladies have saved enough to last a life time!



"Mid-Spring" Quilted wall hanging by Harriett Weber


Left: "Pink Lily: Ode to Georgia" Oil on Canvas by Karen Bannett
STUDENT: Camden County College
Right: "Easter" Mixed Media by Kay A. Klotzbach
MENTOR: Camden County College


"Q'engo" Watercolor and graphite on paper by Ellen Nigro
STUDENT: University of Delaware

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