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Artists Information

Artist’s Show Requirements 

  1. Any artwork submitted for the postcard cover MUST be included in the show.

  2. At least 40 pieces are required for a solo/group show. (The windows are larger than you think!)

  3. All work must have screw eyes, and wire and must be ready to hang! (no zig-zag hangers)

  4. A brief biography must be included with your work on drop-off day.

  5. All work must be labeled on the back with updated info: Name of piece, artist’s name, medium, and price. Please include an exact copy of this information and attach it to the front of the piece for gallery use. (Please remove all other info and pricing from the back from previous shows!)

  6. All artwork must be framed (or edges painted.) All paint must be dry at the time of drop-off.

  7. A typed or legeable hand-written list of artwork being entered should accompany your work. We will use this to cross-check titles and pricing.

  8. All artists displaying work at the Gallery 50, Inc. must become a member of Gallery 50, Inc. (can be done on the day of drop-off.)
    Click Here to Join.

  9. All artwork must be for sale (unless previously specified to the Board that it is NFS) with the gallery receiving a 30% commission on each sale. 

  10. All unsold art work must be picked up on the specified date unless prior arrangements have been made with Gallery 50, Inc.


SHIPPING AND PICK-UP: Any artist living within a 50-mile radius from the gallery will be expected to hand deliver their pieces. Gallery 50, Inc. will accept shipped artwork if artist is more than a 50-mile distance from the gallery. For shipped art works, include an additional $15 fee for storage, repacking and return shipping. Works must be packed in a repackable container. Unsold hand-delivered works are to be picked up promptly at the end of the exhibition. Works not picked up will be stored at your risk. Submission of an entry to this competition constitutes agreement by the entrant to the conditions set forth in this prospectus.

Please check each show's perspectus for full details.

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