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October 2017

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Deborah RoyRoberts 



“The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”. 

When I paint, it might be from a photograph that I’ve taken or in plein air of a place I’ve been or I’ve imagined. My rendition of a sight might encompass a marsh on a hot summer day with glistening ocean grass dancing in a breeze or a fallow field with aggrieved oak trees. I may paint abandoned summer homes after a violent storm or a rural overpass over a tributary that buttress an old building. Whichever it is, that inspires me, generally there is a story of a past, left in the present, and needs to be told, to be painted. That, in its simplicity, is what inspires me. Deborah RoyRoberts

Deborah RoyRoberts is a self-taught artist living and painting in Malaga, New Jersey. Retired from the business world in 2002, she reintroduced herself to her first love, painting. She enjoys a wide range of art mediums including: oils, acrylics, watercolor, and pastels. Deborah can be found traversing with her camera capturing sources of inspiration for her work from the coast of Maine to the coast of Alaska. Deborah’s art studio is called CASSBENO Studio (pronounced Cass-Ben-O), named after her three children, Cass, Ben and Olivia. Deborah has won numerous awards for her works and regularly shows her work at Gallery 50, Inc. in Bridgeton and The Riverfront Renaissance Art Center in Millville.  

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